MCW’s Oil Sands Extraction Plant Progress Is Ongoing, Now 80% Assembled.

Anticipated September Start-Up Will Make MCW’s Project the First Environmentally-Friendly Oil Sands Project in America.

MCW Energy Group, (TSX-V: MCW) a Canadian-registered holding company has been recently reporting the progress of its extraction unit fabrication and assembly at Asphalt Ridge, Utah through a series of press releases noting the steps to completion as the Company gets closer to final assembly and testing of its 250 bbl/day (capacity projected) initial extraction plant. In October, the main concrete pads for the base of the extraction plant were completed and the main extraction column was assembled and fixed into place. The main super-structure of the unit’s framework was completed, so the unit presently stands at a height of 4 storeys tall.

All access, entry and other supportive rods were developed and constructed onto and throughout the lease site last October. Since then, the concrete pads and the foundation have been fortified with gravel material to withstand temperatures as low as -40F. Uintah Machine & Manufacturing Co. of Utah, is in the process of completing the fabrication of the unit’s feeding bins, pug mixer and pre-mixing tank.

A conveyor system, pictured at the top of this story, which delivers the oil sands ore has been supplied by another local company and is now awaiting assembly. All structural steel components have been designed approved and ordered from Steel Breeze Inc., another Utah-based company. The four storey super-structure for the extraction unit has now been assembled on site (see photos).

A steel staircase system for easy access has been delivered and installed beside the super-structure. All of the main extraction process components including the extraction column (see photos), rectification column, evaporator, heat exchangers, condenser, chiller and other relevant equipment have been installed on their corresponding concrete pads in accordance with engineering drawings and process system diagrams. The objective of this project is to create and validate an environmentally-safe oil sands extraction system which is scalable for commercial viability.

MCW’s electrical contractor, C & G Electric Co., is now in the process of installing the required underground electric systems which will service all of the unit’s electrical requirements, including site floodlighting. The physical layout design for all equipment towers, lines and tanks has also been completed. The assembly stage of the extraction unit to be performed by MCW’s experienced engineering team is expected to take several weeks prior to a rigorous testing program once all components of the unit are in place. Further details on our first extraction plant will be reported here on our website and/or through a series of our ongoing press releases.

MCW Oil Sands Recovery, LLC

MCW Oil Sands Recovery, LLC is an oil sands extraction technology company which also owns a key oil sands lease property in the prolific Asphalt Ridge region of Utah. The Company’s strategy is to develop its own oil production inventory, which in turn will provide a steady access to its own, independent oil supply and subsequently, will result in greater flexibility in pricing controls.

MCW Fuels

[Formerly McWhirter Distributing Company]
For 75 years, MCW Fuels has been distributing oil and diesel products throughout western United States and has become one of the leading distributors in the petroleum products industry on the west coast. Established in 1938, MCW Fuels now markets over 150 million gallons of branded and unbranded fuels per year, with 2012 sales totalling $363,300,000, (up from sales of $241,500,000 in 2011 and sales of $188,700,000 in 2010.) Beginning with a single distributorship in Van Nuys, California, MCW Fuels has an aggressive acquisition program underway, purchasing Westco Petroleum Distributors Inc., and Ocean Pacific Fuels Inc. in June/July, 2012.



The Good Old Days!

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American Institute of Chemical Engineers Honors MCW’s CEO, Dr. R.G. Bailey For His 50 Year Membership

The prestigious American Institute of Chemical Engineers recently bestowed an honor to MCW’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr. R. G. Bailey with their recognition of his dedication and contributions to the profession over the past fifty years as a Life Member. While he was a ChE student at the University of Houston, Mr. Bailey won the Student Paper Contest for the Southwest Region of Colleges and Universities in 1964. His paper was titled, “Chemical Engineering of Fuel Cells,” which was far ahead of its time, and he was recognized at the AIChE National Conference that year.

Mr. Bailey’s extensive experience in both petroleum and chemical engineering disciplines enhances MCW’s broad energy strategies as both an upstream and downstream entity. Dr. Bailey will continue to utilize his international energy experience to guide both of MCW’s divisions and to provide added value to MCW shareholders.


MCW Energy Group is a publicly-traded Canadian holding company…. a corporate entity containing two companies….MCW Fuels [Formerly McWhirter Distributing Company], a petroleum products distribution company inaugurated in 1938, which has an extensive distribution network throughout the western United States. MCW's second entity is MCW Oil Sands Recovery, LLC, a Utah-based oil sands extraction technology operation with a unique, proprietary, environmentally-friendly technology. The Company also holds a major oil sands lease situated in the prolific Asphalt Ridge region of Utah, which contains a resource of over 50 million barrels of oil. (Source: USDOE)



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