About MCW Fuels

The MCW Energy Group is a Canadian holding company. It has two operations, MCW Fuels and MCW Oil Sands Recovery, LLC.

MCW Fuels was established in 1938 and is one of the leading branded and unbranded diesel and gasoline distributors in western United States.

MCW's Oil Sands Recovery, LLC has a breakthrough, environmentally-friendly, proprietary oil sands technology suitable for oil extraction purposes on all type of hydrocarbon deposits. (oil wet deposits in the U.S. and water wet deposits as in Canada), and has also been successfully laboratory tested using oil shale materials.

MCW Fuels distributes over 100 million gallons of branded and unbranded fuel, with sales gradually increasing annually from $251,000,000 USD in 2011 to a projected $300,000,000 USD in 2012.

MCW's Oil Sands Recovery, LLC owns an oil sands lease in the prolific Asphalt Ridge region of Utah, with a proven/probable resource of over 50+ million barrels of oil. (Source: US DOE)

MCW Fuels delivers fuel products to over 200 branded and unbranded service stations throughout California, including Valero, Alliance and 7-Eleven. Its major suppliers are ExxonMobil and Chevron.

The oil sands extraction technology is cost efficient, ranging from $ 30.00 to $ 40.00 USD per barrel, depending on the type of deposit and the richness of the materials.

MCW Fuels also offers branding programs, signage assistance programs, credit card processing systems, inventory control programs and price management systems to unbranded service stations.

MCW Fuels is heavily involved in marketing its own brand of gasoline under the brand name MCW Fuels.

MCW's oil extraction technology is ideal for conventional surface mining techniques due to the fact that a high percentage of Utah's oil sands deposits range from surface to 250 feet.

MCW's oil sands technology is a closed-loop system which utilized benign solvents that remain within the system. It produces no greenhouse gases, it requires no water during the process and there are no high temperatures/pressures needed to process the oil sands materials.

MCW is seeking other oil sands leases in Utah, which contains over 32 billion barrels of oil within 8 major deposits. The Company is also seeking conventional oil opportunities throughout southern United States.

MCW's involvement in U.S. oil sands development is documented in this year's (2011) Annual Report issued by the U.S. Department of Energy, titled, "Secure Fuels From Domestic Sources," where the Company is included as one of the few companies involved in technologies to develop oil sands resources.

The addition of an oil sands recovery technology company will augment the Company's distribution company profit margins, as there are fewer competitors and larger profit margins in the oil sands industry.

Until now, there has not been a successful oil sands technology company in the U.S. which can safely extract oil from oil sands materials on a commercially-viable basis. The Company is confident that their proprietary technology is environmentally safe and commercially viable.

There is an extremely favorable climate in the United States for the development of domestic energy sources in order to lessen the country's dependence on foreign oil. This current positive attitude ties in well with the Company's focus on becoming a fully integrated energy company, essentially adding considerable strength in its pricing and distribution policies.